“Delivering Information Advantage?”

With the theme “Delivering Information Advantage?”, we have a selection of Military, Commercial and Academic speakers, who have all been asked NOT to reprise standard slides and scripts from other events and times, but to specifically address the theme, with the aim of proper facilitated debate, and to act as sculptors of the views of all attending!

Our Conference Moderator / Facilitator for the day is Air Cdre (rtd) Rick Holt.

The challenge our speakers have been asked to address at this DefCIS Conference is:

  • Armed Forces need to operate freely in the information environment to achieve advantage, exploiting information to achieve superior tempo, shape the actions of other actors and, when required, achieve decisive effect both physically and cognitively. This must be done on a global basis within a federated information environment, working with Joint, inter-Agency, Inter-Governmental and Multi-national communities.
  • However, the breathless progress of IT – mobility, Cloud, Blockchain, virtual machines, containers, Software Defined WAN / radio / crypto, IT & OT integration, IoT – which has already changed the world around us, is merely a prelude to what comes next. When combined with advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum computing and robotics, established incumbents who are already struggling to keep up will definitely get left behind 
  • Some Armed Forces will be left with trophy capabilities without the ability to wield them meaningfully. Others will seize the opportunity to disrupt the established order and gain a competitive edge over their peers and larger adversaries by delivering Information Advantage. For the UK to achieve this we will need the help of our current and future partners in industry… and this conference will include discussion and debate on ways in which that help can already be secured, as well as options for alternatives.

Delivering Information Advantage… Can the UK Armed Forces do this? Will the UK Armed Forces do this?