With its record-breaking flight this summer, the Airbus Zephyr has demonstrated the potential for ultra-persistence ISR, which offers a step change in military capability. The presentation will provide an overview of the platform, CONOPS, payloads and applications, together with how to address the challenge of accessing data and intelligence, and data fusion with complementary data sources including satellite and manned aviation.

Alexandra Barker

Alexandra has a background in remote sensing with an MSc focusing on optical and SAR satellite data analytics. Alexandra joined Airbus from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) where she developed a quality assurance framework and verification service to implement reliable, quality assured, satellite-derived datasets. She later became an International Business Development Manager representing the Instruments Division at NPL working with commercial and government organisations to help bring science and innovation to the market. Alexandra is currently a Business Development Manager within Airbus Intelligence responsible for Earth observation enabled solutions and services, including the integration of satellite and HAPS datasets.

Dr Roger Tidswell

Roger has a technical background in materials and sensor physics, and has worked with clients in sectors ranging from defence to government, energy, petrochemicals, and international collaborative research. He first started working with the Zephyr team in 2009 and has managed platform development and build projects. He is currently working in Zephyr Business Development and Sales.