Andy Sutton is a Principal Network Architect within BT Technology where he is responsible for 5G end to end network architecture, RAN architecture evolution and mobile backhaul strategy and architecture. Andy holds an MSc in mobile communications from the University of Salford and has over 30 years of experience within the telecommunications industry. Andy’s research interests include; distributed and centralised RAN and core architectures and protocols, network dimensioning, QoS and mobile backhaul. He also works on low latency and ultra-reliable networks architectures and designs. Andy is a Visiting Professor at the University of Salford, a member of the Industrial Advisory Board of the University of Liverpool and a research partner with the 5G Innovation Centre at the University of Surrey. Andy is a chartered engineer and holds fellowships from the BCS, IET and ITP. Andy contributes to International telecommunications standardisation activities and several industry forums, he has published three books (a fourth is in development) and many conference and journal papers.

Title of talk: Defence application for 5G

This talk will briefly review the evolution of cellular mobile communications before exploring the latest 5G specifications and capabilities. 5G is making many headlines at the moment with claims of ultra-high data rates, ultra-low latency and ultra-reliability, this talk will review these claims and provide context and clarity as to what is possible today and what will evolve with time. 5G is much more than just another generation of technology for mobile smartphones though; the technology will support a wide range of fixed and mobile capabilities along with massive machine type communications (the Internet of Things at scale) and mission critical communications, building on the global trend toward emergency services adoption of 3GPP technologies.