TriCIS 2017 took place on 21 Feb 2017

Thanks to all who supported it.

This site will be left running for reference and archive purposes for a few weeks


AFCEA UK (London)’s biennial CIS conference – TriCIS – is being held on Tuesday 21 February 2017 in MOD Main Building, Whitehall, London

With the theme “Information Exploitation in a Contested Environment”, we have a selection of Military, Commercial and Academic speakers, who have all been asked NOT to reprise standard slides and scripts from other events and times, but to specifically address the theme, with the aim of proper facilitated debate, and some concrete outcomes!

Amongst many other contributions, speakers might be addressing:

  • the contentions and demands on bandwidth in today’s and tomorrow’s conflicts.
  • the often-competing pressures of C2, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.
  • sifting the wheat from the chaff in an often data-rich/information-poor environment (C2 by powerpoint?).
  • approaches that have been tried, and failed.
  • approaches that have been tried, AND SUCCEEDED?
  • increasing centralization, reducing costs, but decreasing flexibility, hindering agility, thereby encouraging deviousness to meet the operational needs.
  • latency versus speed versus security.
  • submarines do serious stuff with very low bandwidth

Why not come and join the debate, network with like-minded individuals in the military, academia and commerce, and perhaps help shape the future?